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Laura offers a variety of workshops and lectures on art, ritual, witchcraft, and dance.  Listed below are some of the most popular offerings. 

Specific workshops can be created for special events.
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The Art of Sigil Witchery - The Power of Symbol & Line
Are you intimidated by the idea of Sigil Magick? Do you think it's only for Ceremonial Magicians? Afraid you may make a mistake or aren't an artist? Fear not! Ancient civilizations from around the globe have harnessed the power of the drawn line to make their mark on the world. We'll look at the basic elements that make up all symbols, what they can mean for you, and how to safely and respectfully incorporate them into your own personal practice.

Visual Alchemy - The Intersection of Art & Magick
Since the beginning of time, humanity has used art and object as a way to affect, influence and seek order in the seen and unseen world. From cave paintings to veves, tomb shrines to shadowboxes, we will look at the history, power, and practice of magical art and object, as well as explore it hands-on ourselves. 

Strange Bedfellows? Effectively Working With An Eclectic Pantheon
In the Modern Tradition of Witchcraft – a family tradition that mixes old world witchery with the realities of today's existence, we believe the Gods can call to our blood - its genetic roots, as well as our spiritual roots - referring to other cultures we have been a part of in previous lives. This means the practitioner who comes from many cultures may be called to work with diverse deities. We will explore how to work with these different gods successfully to have a (relatively) peaceful pantheon and personal practice.

Infusing Dance With Ritual This offering is about adding sacred meaning and intent with dance movement, with two options:
-For Pagans: Merging Movement with Ritual: 
Ritual is a dynamic union of self and spirit, above and below—so why should it be static? Learn to incorporate movement into your ritual with focused intention and discover a much more powerful experience. We’ll look at the parts of various rituals from start to end, and how different sacred movements (gestures and dance steps) can be applied –for groups, covens, as well as solitary practitioners.
 -For Dancers: Creating Sacred Space With Your Dance: 
Using ritual concepts from mystical spiritual traditions from both the East and West, we’ll examine how the structure of a ritual can create a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in your performance. We'll also look at how every moment can be used to add meaning and direct energy to your work. A basic understanding of Pagan spirituality is helpful, but not required (however, an open mind and creativity is!).
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